Hoarded: Railroad Remains

These are some of Lily’s Italian train tickets, and erstwhile Lonely Planet bookmarks. Saving train tickets from one’s Eurail adventures is pretty much entry-level crafthoarding, and the potential scrapbook applications are easy to see. We don’t even think that putting train tickets in a scrapbook counts as crafting unless they’re somehow manipulated—if not, that’s just regular hoarding. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But in any case, six months after her return stateside, Lily still doesn’t have an album commemorating this epic voyage. High hopes for its future completion remain just that. She even had prints made from her digital photos, which is the step that often confounds modern photo album aspirations.  (On a side note, we heart 3x5 photo prints, especially with retro-looking white borders, but it’s mad hard to find places that will do it online. Whine.)

One ticket from this set has already been reincarnated, decorating a plain wooden Ikea frame (the most basic 4x6 kind), as a gift for Lily’s train-travel buddy. However, with a small frame and resourceful scissor work, one ticket took care of the job. (Other ingredients: glue and a coat of spray-on clear acrylic coating.) And unless said friend wants to receive locomotive-themed frames for every birthday for the next decade, another project idea is needed.

We’re thinking about end papers for the future photo album. Maybe we’ll cut these dudes into strips lengthwise and weave them for a cool and cohesive look. Some math will have to be involved in getting the right size album, which is tough for measure-once crafters like yours truly, but we’ll make it work. Someday.